Letter to the shareholders

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14/02/2014  [read the letter]
15/01/2014  [read the letter]
09/01/2014  [read the letter]
06/12/2013 [read the letter] 
07/11/2013 [read the letter] (in French) 
20/12/2012 [read the letter] 
24/09/2012 [read the letter]
03/05/2012 [read the letter]
12/01/2012 [read the letter]
22/11/2011 [read the letter]
22/09/2011 [read the letter]
27/07/2011 [read the letter]

Stock Exchange Contact

Any financial question

Given the number of calls and regulatory constraints, the company is sorry to inform shareholders that it is no longer able to individually answer incoming calls. Thank you to address any questions via email to contactbourse@europlasma.com.