Different shareholding methods

You have the choice between several methods for holding your Europlasma shares.


Your securities are registered with the financial intermediary of your choice. This system which allows you to group thogether all the securities in your portfolio within the same account, does not enable Europlasma to identify you.


Your securities are registered with Europlasma. You are therefore known by name and registered with the company, which enables you to benefit from a more personalised service.

There are two methods for registration:

  • Directly registered: your shares are registered and kept in your name within Europlasma's record. The company delegates the management of this to Caceis Corporate Trust.
  • Administered registered: your shares are registered with a financial establishment which assures the management of your securities account and remains your main point of contact. In order for your shares to be registered, your custodian account holder will inform the Caceis Corporate Trust of any changes which will affect your assets and/or your contact details. You are therefore known to the company.

The rules referred to above apply to all holders of transferable securities whether they are French nationals or from abroad. A person residing abroad must therefore ask the company or a qualified intermediary to register his securities in his name.

In order that the vote expressed for the securities concerned may be taken into account, the intermediary needs to declare itself as the "registered intermediary" when any accounts are opened, by disclosing its capacity as the intermediary holding securities on behalf of others.

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How to transfer your shares to registered

What is a BSAR (Bon de Souscription d’Actions Remboursable - redeemable share purchase warrant) ?

Following its capital increase closed on 23/10/2014, the company has issued redeemable share purchase warrants (BSAR). These warrants allow to subscribe to a new share during a set period of time ("exercise period"), based on a known parity (number of BSAR warrants required to subscribe to a share) and price ("exercise price"). The BSAR are listed on Euronext Paris. From a date determined in the offering circular, these warrants can be redeemed by Europlasma on its initiative at the price of €0.01. When Europlasma triggers the redemption of all or part of the BSAR warrants allocated, the warrant holder can choose between:

  • Exercising the BSAR and subscribing to new shares at the exercise price;
  • Selling the BSAR warrants on the market;
  • Or doing nothing and accepting the redemption of the BSAR warrants concerned by the Europlasma offering at €0.01.

Holders can exercise their BSAR warrants at any time during the exercise period and subscribe to a new share.

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Given the number of calls and regulatory constraints, the company is sorry to inform shareholders that it is no longer able to individually answer incoming calls. Thank you to address any questions via email to contactbourse@europlasma.com.