2014 Press releases

Date Subject [Upload and read the document]
17/12/2014 CHO Morcenx Status Update [Read the press release] 
26/11/2014 Corporate Update [Read the press release] 
31/10/2014 Success of the capital increase: €35.9 million [Read the press release] 
31/10/2014 2014 Half-Year consolidated results [Read the press release] 
15/10/2014 Technical and commercial progress update of CHO Power  [Read the press release]
24/09/2014 Launch of a capital increase (abstract) [Read the press release] 
08/09/2014 Resumption of trading on September 9, 2014  [Read the press release]
04/09/2014 Minute of the AGM of 01/09/2014  [Read the press release] in French
22/08/2014 2013 Annual Consolidated Results   [Read the press release]
20/08/2014 Half year report of the liquidty contract as at 30/06/2014  [Read the press release]
01/08/2014 Eligibility to PEA-PME  [Read the press release]
25/07/2014 Annual Shareholders Meeting of 1st September, 2014  [Read the press release]
03/07/2014 Update on the Group's financial position - Change in Board composition [Read the press release] 
24/06/2014 Preliminary Take Over of the CHO Morcenx power plant - Trading suspension maintained  [Read the press release]
29/04/2014 FY2013 Accounts publication delayed  [Read the press release]
08/04/2014 Clarification on stock trading suspension [Read the press release] 
10/03/2014 Update on the commissioning of the CHO Morcenx power plant  [Read the press release]
27/02/2014 Update on the commissioning of the CHO Morcenx power plant  [Read the press release]
31/01/2014 Success of the Reserved Capital Increase [Read the press release]
27/01/2014 BALO notice - Erratum [Read the notice] 
17/01/2014 Capital Increase: extension of the subscription period  [Read the press release]
10/01/2014 Half-year report of the liquidity contract [Read the press release]
03/01/2014 BALO notice - Capital increase  [Read the notice]
03/01/2014 New Capital Increase [Read the press release]

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