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06-09-2017: Delivery of the plasma furnace for the treatment of radiactive waste in Bulgaria
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Asbestos waste destruction

This technical expertise was reinforced in 2001 with Inertam, a waste vitrification industrial facility with an annual capacity of 8,000 tons. The Europlasma Group owns and operates this facility located in Morcenx (Landes, France), which is the only site authorized in France for asbestos waste vitrification by plasma technology.

Vitrification is the only process available for producers and holders of asbestos waste fully guaranteeing:

  • the destruction of asbestos waste according to current regulation in France,
  • the elimination of unsafe effects of asbestos waste,
  • therefore freeing producers and initial holders of asbestos waste from their liability (*)
Asbestos Waste Vitrification Valorization of the slag (Cofalit) in road construction

The use of landfills to dispose of waste is more and more limited today, in all geographies. Transportation and landfill costs (considering the limited number of Class I landfill facilities available) are expected to grow in the near future, encouraging communities and industrial companies to find more environment-friendly solutions.

(*) Asbestos waste, even when it is stored in dedicated industrial waste storage facilities, retains its harmful characteristics – and remains a potential threat to the environment and public health.

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23-08-2017: Debt reduction: capital increase by conversion of debts
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