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14-06-2017: Europlasma announces Final Acceptance of CHO Morcenx plant
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Europlasma group activities

Europlasma is a French group whose know-how built up over 20 years is based on its proprietary technology, the plasma torch, which allows high temperatures to be reached without fossil fuel. Europlasma's business consists of developing, construction and operating numerous applications of the plasma torch to benefit mankind and his environment.  

Today, the Group's three divisions all use this proprietary technology:

  • Europlasma Industries: Design, manufacture and marketing of multi-sector plasma solutions [read more];
  • Inertam: Recovery of asbestos waste [read more];

  • CHO Power: Turnkey supply and operation of clean energy generation facilities, a highly strategic business positioned at the heart of the energy transition [read more].



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15-06-2017: Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, second call
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